Riot to Follow Theater Productions (RTF) is the longest running student-run theater company at The Evergreen State College, and is a Registered Student Organization that is funded and sponsored by Evergreen Student Activities.

All our productions are available to the public and all students, faculty, and staff free of charge.

RTF was initially founded in 2008 by Mark Alford, Allie Van Nostran, and Ryan Hitchcock, as a way for students to have a hand in what shows were being produced on campus, and for more students to have a chance to direct and act in productions outside of class. Riot to Follow flourished for several years, producing more than ten plays per year and performing in such venues as the Black Box theater at The Washington Center for the Performing arts.

The company had a few less exciting years after this, but has since revitalized itself with full gusto. The club found a new audience in its Winter 2014 production of Cock. People were obviously intrigued by the name, but found the production to be both thought-provoking and incredibly meaningful.

RTF has continued down this path of humorous but significant productions since Cock with productions such as The Oy of Sex and [title of show]. 

RTF hopes to create a safe-space environment for all its actors, staff, and audience members.

We thank you for your patronage, and hope to see you at our next production!


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